Free Books until Tuesday May 6th

Well the promotion for MASTER OF THE SCROLLS is up and running…

…and it got off to a brilliant start. 159 copies downloaded in a little under 24 hours; copies downloaded on Amazon sites in the UK, in the US, in Canada – and also in Germany!

I’ve gone properly global. I didn’t think I’d shift copies in non-English speaking countries since there’s currently no translations of my books, but how completely fantastic to get sale in Germany!

I know the books are free, and therefore I’m getting no royalties, but I chose a free books promotion to get myself out there, into the Kindles of people who haven’t read any of my books and were perhaps a bit unsure of the subject matter.

MASTER OF THE SCROLLS is quite difficult to pigeon-hole into a specific genre, featuring as it does Romance and Revenge, Time Travel, Ghosts and Restless Spirits, a Malevolent Warlock and Magic, and a strange creature who is both old and young and male and female all at the same time. There are also hints of Arthurian Legend thrown on for good measure. It is set in rural Sussex and the wilds of Scotland in modern day, Tudor times and the Victorian era.

So there’s quite a lot going on in the book, which might perhaps put people off reading it. It was challenging to write, and keeps the reader on their toes. With a complex time travel narrative, I had to make sure nothing contradicted itself throughout the novel, but it is – I feel – an involving read, and a book that I thoroughly enjoyed writing.

I’ve received some good comments from people who have read it, both those I know, but also from people who bought it on a whim when it first came out 9 years ago in paperback and who enjoyed it. It’s always nice to get feedback from people you have no connection with.

So anyway, why not give the book a go. It’s completely free until Tuesday 6th May, and is available from all Amazon sites. There is a link on the MY BOOKS page to this and my other books.

If you enjoy reading MASTER OF THE SCROLLS, its sequel THE MASTER OF PROPHECY is on a special promotion from next Friday (May 9th). It will be starting off at 99p (or 99c in US) and gradually returning up to its usual price by Tuesday (May 13th), so the earlier you buy it the cheaper it is for you.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great weekend, and for those in the UK, have a great Bank Holiday Monday as well.


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