We took a break down to Devon for a week, with the intention of a) having a break somewhere with our dog Sam, and b) finding a new place to live.

Success on both counts. Sadly, while Worthing basked in blazing sunshine, down in the English Riviera it rained – almost every day. Saturday was the worst – rain like I haven’t seen since a holiday in Singapore where we experienced monsoon-like conditions. Still. Sam enjoyed himself. He had far more walks than he’s had here – something he’s going to have to get used to when we move.

The garden-flat we’ve chosen is up a slight hill, but within 5 minutes walk of the sea, so evening walks along the promenade are in order. The south west coast trail is literally across the road from the flat. I haven’t explored this in any great detail on the map yet, but it looks like it goes mostly along the shoreline from Exeter down to Teignmouth, after which you can hop on a lovely little ferry across the River Teign and then up a steep incline at Shaldon where the trail then continues atop the cliffs all the way to Torquay. I suspect that trail will be walked fully, although possibly not all in one go.

There is so much to see and do in the area that it’s difficult to foresee a time when we won’t be out exploring with Sam on days off. It’s all very exciting.

Naturally, while we were there on holiday we went to Greenway, the holiday home of one of the all-time greatest authors, Agatha Christie. I shall post a more detailed account of that excursion along with photos another time.

For now though, providing everything goes to plan and there are no foul-ups, we should be moving in within the next month, so there’s lots of packing to do and lots of arrangements to be made.

Exciting times, especially as I recently completed the fist draft of MAID FOR MURDER and so have some free time for once. Mind you, that doesn’t mean my mind’s not already on the next Gertrude Harrington novel, and also the final Sawyl Gwilym book, THE MASTER OF TIME. So it’s pretty much business as usual, even through all the changes.


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