Laptop Woes

I don’t seem to have much luck with laptops.

My previous one lasted about 3 years and then the graphics card went so I was met with a screen of static. Had it fixed, but it went again after two weeks. I was able to salvage the files by plugging it into the tv and copying everything onto an external hard drive.

So I bought a new one (2 years ago) and copied everything from the external drive onto it. 6 months ago the power supply failed so I bought a new supply. Two days ago the battery stopped charging, so I bought yet another power supply. It still won’t charge, so it’s not the power supply. Is it the battery? After doing a bit of research online I decided it wasn’t the battery (apparently if you remove the battery but still have the laptop plugged into the mains it should still power up.

It doesn’t.

It could be the internal connector where you plug it in, or it might not be.

Luckily when I noticed that the battery wasn’t charging it had a pretty much full charge, so I was able to copy everything back over to an external hard drive.

So…do I try to get the wretched thing fixed, or do I bite the bullet and buy yet another laptop and hope that this one lasts a bit longer?

Oh decisions, decisions, decisions…

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