Down in Deepest Darkest Devon at last

Okay – the move went well. It was slightly less stressful than I’d anticipated, which is always a good sign. Some of our stuff has had to go into storage for the time being, including a lot of our precious books. We’ve kept our absolute favourites, but I think a box has gone into storage when it should have come to the flat as we’re missing a few.

It’s not exactly the end of the world though, just a mild annoyance. Those of you who collect books will no doubt understand; those who do not won’t.

Now we’re pretty much settled, I can get back to doing what I love the most – writing.

I seem to recall that, whilst waiting in a pretty empty house in the evenings – after spending the day cleaning – with no television for company, I started Death on the Queen Mary, my 5th Gertrude Harrington novel. I need to dig out my notes and go through the plot again to re-familiarize myself with it, and then I can continue working on it.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the publisher to whom I submitted Death on Swift Wings. I know these things can take a little while, but it’s not looking promising. I shall have to get a copy of this year’s Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook and start scouting out agents I think.


Boxes, Boxes Everywhere…

Moving day is almost upon us.

A move down to ‘sunny’ Devon has been in the offing for several months, and now the final push is here. The house is filled with boxes to the point that no room is really fully functional. Everything has had to be planned with military precision as some of our less used belongings – including the bulk of our book collection – will have to be put into storage. We are moving for roughly 6 months into a flat to enable us more flexibility in looking for somewhere more permanent, and it’s just not big enough for our vast collection. It’s been difficult choosing which ones to take to the flat, but naturally my own books are coming with us!

Also, because we don’t currently have a car, and because we have 2 cats and a dog, we’ve had to arrange for a lovely¬†local pet-taxi lady called Sue to drive the animals and me down there on our final day next week, whilst Marc will already be down there as of tomorrow to oversee the delivery of the rest of our furniture and belongings – hopefully on Wednesday. It’s almost 4 hours by car from where we live currently in wet and windy Worthing.

Not everything has been smooth sailing, but we’re getting there.

Of course, with all this upheaval I have yet again had to postpone re-writing The Master of Time, but rest assured, once we’ve settled into the flat it’ll be full steam ahead.

And then, probably in 6 months or so, we’ll have it all to do over again – but that move should be more local and shouldn’t be quite so stressful.¬†