Peace and Tranquility

It has to be said that Devon is peaceful, beautiful and tranquil – and I haven’t even really started to fully explore its splendour yet.

Dawlish, where we live, is a coastal town, and at high tide the sea wall is a sight to behold. Even in calm weather the waves crash over the wall and onto the promenade, throwing sand, pebbles and seaweed ashore. I can’t wait to witness a great storm (from afar!) – it’ll be spectacular!

We have Dartmoor practically on our doorstep (which is where my book The Five Tors is set) and Exmoor too. Wherever you live in the county there’s always beauty nearby. There are countless farms and fields and hills – oh the hills! There are forests and woodland glades, and there are narrow winding country lanes, around the bends of which lay quaint little villages with their thatched cob-built cottages and lovely medieval churches harbouring secrets to be uncovered.

All very inspiring for a writer of murder mysteries.

My study is all set up ready to go at last; The Master of Time and Death on the Queen Mary beckon…

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