Welcome to 2015 – the year of Gertrude Harrington

I cannot believe it’s the end of January already – and also that I haven’t updated this website since October. Shocking!

I started a new job at White Stuff in Exeter at the beginning of November. I have made some fantastic new friends there, and I love the job. It hasn’t left me much time for writing, but I’m determined that now the craziness of new store opening/Christmas/January Sales is over I’m going to get back to the writing.

First up, I am close to finishing the polishing of DEATH ON SWIFT WINGS, the first of my Gertrude Harrington murder mysteries. I’m aiming to get the polishing finished in early February, and after that… well, we shall see.

And then it’s back to THE MASTER OF TIME (the sequel to Master of the Scrolls and The Master of Prophecy) which I am determined WILL be finished this year.

I have a further 3 Gertrude Harrington books completed in first draft form, all of which need polishing, so you never know – this could be Gertrude’s year!

My four existing books (Master of the Scrolls, The Master of Prophecy, Portrait of Shade and The Five Tors) are still available as paperbacks and kindle e-books through Amazon – see the MY BOOKS page on this site for links.