Creating Cover Art

Some of my covers were painted for me by old friends and acquaintances. Master of the Scrolls & The Master of Prophecy were painted by Louis Goss, and Portrait of Shade was painted from my description of the painting in the book by Chris Blatch Gainey. The Five Tors was originally created from a photo of one of my cats, tweaked and altered to give its final effect.

With Seven Steps to Murder, I took it to a new level, cropping, combining and blending a number of different photos to get the final effect of the isolated house featured in the story.

The above photos were all taken on one of the beaches in Dawlish called Coryton Cove. They were all used in some way to create the next photo, which is used on the cover of Seven Steps to Murder.


I think the end result is quite atmospheric, and it came out better than I could have hoped. I’m also rather pleased with the book as well. It’s written in the first person, which was quite a challenge. It was an experiment for me, which might be repeated again at some point.

For those who have yet to discover Seven Steps to Murder, it’s available in both paperback and kindle e-book formats from Amazon.

I have completed Death upon the Lonesome Wild, a future Gertrude Harrington mystery, and I am now well into the editing of The Master of Time, the long delayed third instalment of the Sawyl Gwilym Chronicles, which will finally be out later this year, as will Murder by the Book, the second Gertrude Harrington mystery.

More on those another day.

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