Anniversary and editing

Having taken a week off to celebrate my Tenth Wedding Anniversary, it’s all go once more with the editing. I’m currently on track with The Master of Time, and I’m still hoping it will be published in September. And of course the second Gertrude Harrington Mystery, Murder by the Book, will follow before Christmas.

My thoughts are already heading off towards starting work on the next book. I’m several books in advance, and currently have first drafts written for a further four Gertrude Harrington books following on from Murder by the Book. I have begun plotting in more detail the book that I will write next, which will then be broken down and expanded into chapter outlines before the writing begins. The writing itself will start properly once the current editing is complete.

With so many additional ideas coming thick and fast, I have an abundance of plot outlines which will keep me going for years. It’s just a case of finding the time to do the actual writing.

In the meantime. my other books are available still in paperback and kindle e-book formats. Treat yourself to one or more for your summer reading.

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Happy reading.