Released today in paperback and kindle e-book – MURDER BY THE BOOK, the second Gertrude Harrington Mystery.

I am very pleased to announce that the follow-up to Death on Swift Wings is now available. Find out how plot twists from the first book are resolved, and prepare for some shocks along the way.

3 Murder by the BookMURDER BY THE BOOK

6 months after the events of Death on Swift Wings, Gertrude Harrington becomes involved in a new mystery. One of her sisters informs her that the recently reported murder at a Bed and Breakfast in the hamlet of Little Sleeping resembles a death in one of the murder mystery novels written by Lavinia Rushbrook. Lavinia is the owner of Templemead Hall, where Gertrude used to be head cook; someone Gertrude hoped never to meet again. But when more murders resembling those in Lavinia’s other novels occur, it becomes clear that a copycat killer is at large. A death closer to home forces Gertrude to meet with her ex-employer to find a motive for the deaths. It is a meeting that reopens old wounds, which Gertrude thought healed. But will the pain help or hinder Gertrude in her quest for the truth?

Follow the links below to order from Amazon UK & US. The paperback and kindle editions are available from other Amazon outlets around the world.

UK kindle          UK paperback          US kindle          US paperback

The third book, A Small Dose of De’Ath is currently being proofread ready for final revisions. I have announced release dates in the past which have fallen by the wayside, so I won’t be announcing a date for this book until it’s ready. That being said, it will be next year.

I hope you enjoy reading Murder by the Book.



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