Where does the time go

Hello everyone,

I cannot believe it was September last year that I last posted here, which was for the release of my last book, MURDER BY THE BOOK.

2019 has been an eventful year so far, with a move from Devon to a lovely Scottish village at the end of January.

Since moving, my husband Marc has suffered an injured rib, our cellar was flooded, our roof leaked (but only a little), we suffered a gas leak and a burst water pipe, not to mention an ant infestation and more flies in the house back in an unusually hot April than I care to remember.

The roughly 1/5 acre garden required a lot of work as it was overgrown and unloved, smothered in ground elder, choked with ivy and so full of weeds in general it took several months to get into some sort of order. There’s still a lot to do, but gardens are always ongoing projects.

Then earlier this month we got an adorable little black Labrador puppy named Hunter. He’s a little terrorist – adorable, but a terrorist none the less. He’s making life hell for his older brother, Sam, but clearly also wants so much to be Sam’s best friend.  Anyone who’s ever had a puppy will understand the contradictions. It goes without saying that Tobey the cat doesn’t like him.

I’m still on track with the 3rd Gertrude Harrington Mystery, A SMALL DOSE OF DE’ATH, for publication later this year. Publication date is yet to be decided, but it will be out sometime in the autumn.

Watch this space…

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