pre-order A SMALL DOSE OF DE’ATH kindle edition

My new book, A SMALL DOSE OF DE’ATH, the 3rd Gertrude Harrington Mystery, will be published on Monday 2nd September.

The kindle edition is available to pre-order right now using the links below. The paperback edition will be available from 2nd September.

UK kindle     US kindle

03 A Small Dose of De'ath

The 3rd Gertrude Harrington Mystery

‘I’ve killed her. She’s dead.’

These words are enough to convict Joanna Brookes of
murdering Estelle Crowthorne, a local schoolteacher.
But has the wrong person gone to the gallows?
And if so, who really killed Estelle?

The world-renowned opera diva Dame Margot De’Ath has returned to County Kingworthy, reigniting long supressed emotions. But when she is found dead in the grounds of Cranleigh Grange, the derelict mansion she has purchased, forgotten secrets are awakened amongst a gathering group of people from her past.

Which of them killed Dame Margot, and why?

When further murder attempts are made, Gertrude Harrington and her old friend, Chief Inspector Lennox, are drawn into the investigation, and it becomes clear that someone links Dame Margot to not only the murder of 1938, but also to another death much closer to home.

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