I’m Benjamin Ford, author of mystery novels featuring supernatural & time-travel elements. They are: MASTER OF THE SCROLLS, THE MASTER OF PROPHECY, THE MASTER OF TIME, PORTRAIT OF SHADE & THE FIVE TORS.

author 2018In 2016 I published DEATH ON SWIFT WINGS, the first in a series of cosy murder mysteries featuring Gertrude Harrington, a spinster cook who runs a Tea Room in an English village in the 1950s. This was followed 2 years later by the second, MURDER BY THE BOOK, and in 2019 by the third, A SMALL DOSE OF DE’ATH. In 2017 I also published a stand alone Murder Mystery, SEVEN STEPS TO MURDER. 2020 will see the publication of the first Gertrude Harrington Prequel Mystery, MAID FOR MURDER.

I have several more murder mysteries featuring Gertrude Harrington in various stages of completion for later publication. Murder Mysteries are my main focus now, but I will also continue with other periodic Supernatural Mystery books.

I live with my husband and our two dogs and cat in a cosy cottage in Scotland with lovely castle views from my study.

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