New Novels

I wanted to update you all on the progress of The Master of Time and Murder by the Book.

I’m still hoping to get both published before Christmas.

I probably gave myself a bit too much work, trying to edit and publish 3 separate books this year. Editing and proofreading takes time, but with a full time job, plus the other vagaries of real life, it’s been tough.

I will release publication dates when I’m certain the books are ready, but it’s looking likely that both will now be available in November.



Promotional prices coming this weekend

Just a reminder that tomorrow sees the start of a 4 day August Bank Holiday weekend promotion on MASTER OF THE SCROLLS, THE MASTER OF PROPHECY, PORTRAIT OF SHADE, THE FIVE TORS and DEATH ON SWIFT WINGS. The first 4 are free as kindle e-books, and the latter is a mere 99p/99c on Amazon UK & US.

Tell your friends that they can pick up a bargain e-book or five!

Price Promotion

To celebrate the upcoming August Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, the following e-books will be FREE on Amazon UK & Amazon US from Friday 25th August through to Monday 28th August.





Additionally, the following e-book will be available from the same outlets for the same period at 99p/99c


This is the perfect opportunity to catch up on THE SAWYL GWILYM CHRONICLES (Master of the Scrolls & The Master of Prophecy) before the third volume (The Master of Time) is published in September, and also the first GERTRUDE HARRINGTON MYSTERY (Death on Swift Wings) before the second book (Murder by the Book) arrives later in the Autumn.

I hope you all have a fantastic bank holiday.


Anniversary and editing

Having taken a week off to celebrate my Tenth Wedding Anniversary, it’s all go once more with the editing. I’m currently on track with The Master of Time, and I’m still hoping it will be published in September. And of course the second Gertrude Harrington Mystery, Murder by the Book, will follow before Christmas.

My thoughts are already heading off towards starting work on the next book. I’m several books in advance, and currently have first drafts written for a further four Gertrude Harrington books following on from Murder by the Book. I have begun plotting in more detail the book that I will write next, which will then be broken down and expanded into chapter outlines before the writing begins. The writing itself will start properly once the current editing is complete.

With so many additional ideas coming thick and fast, I have an abundance of plot outlines which will keep me going for years. It’s just a case of finding the time to do the actual writing.

In the meantime. my other books are available still in paperback and kindle e-book formats. Treat yourself to one or more for your summer reading.

Follow the links HERE to take you to Amazon.

Happy reading.

Creating Cover Art

Some of my covers were painted for me by old friends and acquaintances. Master of the Scrolls & The Master of Prophecy were painted by Louis Goss, and Portrait of Shade was painted from my description of the painting in the book by Chris Blatch Gainey. The Five Tors was originally created from a photo of one of my cats, tweaked and altered to give its final effect.

With Seven Steps to Murder, I took it to a new level, cropping, combining and blending a number of different photos to get the final effect of the isolated house featured in the story.

The above photos were all taken on one of the beaches in Dawlish called Coryton Cove. They were all used in some way to create the next photo, which is used on the cover of Seven Steps to Murder.


I think the end result is quite atmospheric, and it came out better than I could have hoped. I’m also rather pleased with the book as well. It’s written in the first person, which was quite a challenge. It was an experiment for me, which might be repeated again at some point.

For those who have yet to discover Seven Steps to Murder, it’s available in both paperback and kindle e-book formats from Amazon.

I have completed Death upon the Lonesome Wild, a future Gertrude Harrington mystery, and I am now well into the editing of The Master of Time, the long delayed third instalment of the Sawyl Gwilym Chronicles, which will finally be out later this year, as will Murder by the Book, the second Gertrude Harrington mystery.

More on those another day.

Seven Steps to Murder – AVAILABLE NOW

Paperback and kindle e-book editions of SEVEN STEPS TO MURDER are both now available from Amazon.

If you are a member of Amazon Prime you can also download the kindle edition for free (as you can with each of my books).

I do hope you enjoy reading it.

I am now pressing on with the final few chapters of DEATH UPON THE LONESOME WILD, which is a future Gertrude Harrington mystery, before knuckling down to edit THE MASTER OF PROPHECY and MURDER BY THE BOOK.

Publication date

I am in the process of changing my existing paperbacks from CreateSpace Publishing to KDP. The books will be the same except with matte covers instead of gloss. The Pricing will alter slightly, but it will mean these paperbacks won’t be available for a few days.

Hopefully it will link together on Amazon the kindle and paperback editions, which should make things easier to find.

This is all being done to coincide with the publication of SEVEN STEPS TO MURDER, which should be available on Thursday.

I will be updating the links page when the books are available.

Spring Fever

Spring has well and truly sprung! Our local Wildfowl Trust has had a plentiful arrival of ducklings, and the swans had 3 safely hatched cygnets (although sadly there is now only one – one died overnight a couple of weeks ago, and another was nabbed by our local predatory fox!)

On the writing front: SEVEN STEPS TO MURDER is almost ready, and so I should certainly meet my deadline for publishing at the end of the month.

When I’ve completed the editing of this new book, I have a couple of chapters to finish on what will be my sixth Gertrude Harrington novel. It was originally called MURDER BY THE LAKESIDE, but the title has now changed to DEATH UPON THE LONESOME WILD, which comes from Wordsworth’s poem ‘Lucy Gray’, which features heavily in the novel.

It’ll be a while before you get to read that book though.

Once I’ve finished that, I shall be heading back into editing territory to get THE MASTER OF TIME ready for publication in the autumn. Some of you might have spotted the cover for this final book in the Sawyl Gwilym Chronicles in the header of the website. Here’s a closer look.

2 The Master of Time

And just because I’m kind, here is a close up of MURDER BY THE BOOK – the second Gertrude Harrington Mystery that is also coming before Christmas.

3 Murder by the Book

I shall be back at the end of the month to let you know when SEVEN STEPS TO MURDER is finally available.

In the meantime, enjoy the warmer weather.

Easter Treat

Happy Easter to you all.

I thought I would offer a tantalising glimpse of SEVEN STEPS TO MURDER, which is due out next month.

The book is a stand alone Murder Mystery, about a group of seven strangers, invited to a secluded house – for what reason?

Cut off by the elements, they must work together to discover the motive for their mysterious invitations.

But they are picked off, one by one.

Who is killing them, and why?

* * *

1 Seven Steps to MurderPRELUDE

Cuthbert Waterfield requests the pleasure of your company at West Cliff House, Hinchcliffe-on-Sea at 6pm sharp on Friday August 5th to discuss matters of the utmost importance.

It will be in your very best interest to attend.

RSVP to: Poste Restante, Hinchcliffe Post Office by August 1st


I arrive on the secluded private beach at Hinchcliffe-on-Sea as the tide slowly begins to come in. For the time of year, the weather has turned decidedly inclement, and looking across the English Channel toward the darkening horizon, it seems to my untrained city eye as though a storm is brewing.

My pocket-watch makes the time a quarter-before-six, and although not convinced of the accuracy of my heirloom timepiece that once belonged to my grandfather, I am nevertheless relieved to be on time. On the not particularly smooth drive down from the city, I became increasingly frantic that I might miss the tide.

The beach isn’t the easiest place to find. You must leave the main coast road before you get to Eastbourne, and then park in an area of sandy dirt – which I know will become a quagmire after the impending storm. There is then a quite perilous trek down to the private strip of rocky beach, which is only accessible at low tide – hence today’s 6pm timeframe – and then there it stands: West Cliff House.

* * *

So, there you have it – the beginning of SEVEN STEPS TO MURDER.

When the book is available, I shall post on here – so stay tuned.

In the meantime – HAPPY EASTER!